Speech Therapy

About Speech

Almighty’s best gift for human beings is the power of speech which we use to express our thoughts, emotions & feelings with others. Those who have clear speech are very fortunate but there are a many people who are facing difficulties in expressing themselves.


  • Majority of them are KIDS who stammer or misarticulate

  • There are also few GROWN UP CHILDREN/ADULTS who face the same challenges.

Major Challenges

Fluency blocks in speech are usually noticeable in most children after the second birthday. But, when word repetition (car, car, car gone) sound prolongation (ca…..r) syllable repetitions (ca..ca..ca….r) and pauses make the child unable to convey what he wants, or if the child / parent are worried about these blocks in fluent speech, then it is necessary to consult a speech therapist & chalk out a strategy to clear these blocks. Treatment is best initiated at the earliest otherwise these blocks become strong &  it requires more time & practice to develop fluency.


Different speech sounds are acquired at different stages of a child’s speech development.

Sounds such as /pa/, /tha/ are acquired earlier and sounds such as /sa/, /ra/ and /sk/ (as in school), /tr/ (as in tree) are acquired later. In some children only one or two sounds may be mispronounced whereas in others so many sounds may be mispronounced that the child’s speech may be unintelligible & listener is not able to make out what the child has spoken. Even at 4 years of age if your child’s speech is not easily understood by a stranger then it is best to get professional help.



Wrong Beliefs

The problems should be nipped in the bud otherwise they grow up & the damage is severe which can negatively impact our future (create problems in personal & professional lives).

It is sad to know that people who are suffering from above problems or see their child suffer due to these speech problems keep lingering on the treatment & focus on wrong beliefs like


  • With time it will be cured automatically

  • When child will get group environment he/she will be able to get rid of this problem



The solution majorly depends on 3 things


  • How early you realize that there is a problem which needs cure (Early Action).

  • Who is providing the solution (Therapist Expertise).

  • How much sincere efforts you put in the home tasks provided (Practice).



The Expert

Deepti Khanna

I am trained speech therapist & worked with Delhi’s No. 1 speech & hearing clinic for 5 years & provided speech therapy to children & adults with 100% success rate. During my professional stint there, I went to Brisbane, Australia & successfully completed my certification in AVT (Auditory Verbal Therapy) to impart rehabilitation therapy to patients of cochlear implant.

I provide therapy to people who Stammer & Misarticulate at Deepti Speech Studio.

Social Initiative

As a social initiative I conduct Awareness & Assessment (A&A) Camps at Play Schools & Schools.If you are running a school & want to invite me to conduct A&A Camp for your pupil & help them develop clear speech. Call Me at at the number below.

Call 9711475429

     I am based in Sector 3, Rajendra Nagar, Sahibabad .


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